eMailStor CloudApp is our SaaS ( Software as a Service ) Application stack - this offers a delivery ( and licensing ) model for applications provided on a subscription basis and centrally hosted, removing the need for the client to run complex, costly and management-heavy computing systems themselves. Automated backups and upgrades, no hardware and/or software purchases, no IT support requirements and no outages are some of the benefits of running your applications on our system. All this is provided under a single monthly subscription - if you have a hosting package with us, then your SaaS application(s) will be included in the same invoice.

  • fast, reliable and low-cost application service
  • save effort and time in researching and deploying applications
  • secure ( SSL encryption ) and optimised performance
  • maintain backup/parallel environments
  • 0-cost investment
  • integrated backup service
  • automatic upgrades to the latest versions and patches
  • fast deployment

We have divided our SaaS menu into a series of application categories - pick a category below to explore further:


Content Management Systems


Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM)/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Medical Practice Management


Project Management




Forum / Live Support


Test Management & Code Review


Business Process Management (BPM) / Document Management


Web Analytics


eCommerce Platforms and Plugins


Issue Tracking, Bug Tracking and Ticketing


Invoicing / Accounting


Asset Management


Source/Version Control


Wiki / Blog / Mailing List


Classifieds / Social Networking


Digital Asset Management


Human Resource Management (HRM)




















Our SaaS hosting prices are separated into 3 classes: A, B and C - each application in the sections above will have the price class listed below it. Pricing for each class can be found here Pricing in the CloudApp section.